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CM - Monster Textured Procreate Brushes 1821204

Monster doodles make the best of friends! Make your own monsters and other adorable creatures with this Monster Mash Brush set! Use these 8 brushes to draw, sketch, add texture, create backgrounds and even add some spunk to your hand lettering by bumping up the “streamlining” in the brush menu. Brushes have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil.
OTM Thin Liner – Create line drawings or sketch out your ideas with this thin rough edged brush
OTM Rough Liner – This brush works great for lettering or filling in large areas with a touch of texture.
OTM Textured Liner – Full of texture and fun, this brush makes great back grounds or fills
OTM Full Liner – A smoother brush for lettering or full fills with no internal texture
OTM Shaky Liner – Bump up the size for textured backgrounds or thin it out for some crazy lines
OTM Speckle – Adds just a touch of texture
OTM Dense Speckle – Adds more texture with a dense fill
OTM Shader – Bring the opacity up and down to determine the amount of shading you desire
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